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My husband and I purchased our first home in Southern California November 2010. It was a nightmare of a "Short Sale" (It always makes me laugh that they are called that) that lasted nine long months but in the end we got our home. We are on a mission to juggle life, finances and house projects as we try to kick the 80's out of this house.



Front door:   

We don't really have a proper entryway. You open the front door and are in the living room. There is no separation between the two. This is the first wall you see when you enter my home.

Living Room:
After we slapped on Valspar Hazy Stratus on the walls and Glidden Natural White on the built-ins and fireplace we had something we could work with.

My living room has always been some what of a challenge having red couches. They definitely limit your options. Its funny because when we were shopping for new furniture my husband suggested them. I was looking for something neutral and thought he was nuts. I slept on the idea a few weeks and then I couldn't live with out them. We have had them for five years now. My taste has changed allot over the years so I am ready to part with them.

I spray painted this table and added the nail head trim to add more interest.
Excuse the TV wires over the fireplace. Those will be getting put behind the wall soon.
Guest Bathroom:

Guest/ Nieces Bedroom:

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