About Me

10 random things about me:  

1.) I love the smell of Home Depot! Not just because I love myself a good DIY store but because the smell reminds me of my dad's wood shop. That's where he taught me the magic of power tools and how you can turn wood into art.

(My Father and I)

2.) I lost my mother to breast cancer shortly after my 22nd birthday.

(My Father & Mother)

3.) I was born and live in Southern California.

4.) I was a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer for four years. I love educating women on how they can improve their health and fitness. It's the BEST preventive care step to avoid most diseases.

 (Me at the SHAPE bikini body tour)

5.) I am 5'8 (but the shortest one in my family)

6.) I married my best friend on September 6th 2008 and enjoy every single moment I share with him!

7.) Children are not in our future but we have the two most awesome dogs a person can own. (Koda & Korah)

8.) My favorite all time thing to do is go hiking. I love being in nature!

9.) I have been a pescetarian for 5 years. Before I went to the dark side I was a vegetarian for 14.5 years.

10.) I think everyone should be doing what they love to do! Each and every one of us all have different amazing talents. It makes me sad when I see people give-up because they fear failure. Get out there and live your dream!


  1. I love this Amber! You are so right. I feel like I am living my dream...pioneering, studying with people, and learning ASL! so I can teach the deaf about our wonderful creator. I love your thought of NOT giving up even if we fear failure. I think I should try a project on my house. I feel so uncreative when it comes to doing stuff in my house, but I hope you come and see my office wall...which I did and love! maybe you can inspire me to do something with all my frames on the living room floor that I was going to pack away in the garage.........

    1. Im so happy you are getting to do that! It sounds amazing! Yes, I would love to see your office wall. Looking and talking about home decor is my idea of a good time.