Monday, June 20, 2016

Garage Door Revamp

The door that leads into the garage from our house was just like every other white door you've ever seen. Then one fourth of July my dogs decided to chew, bite and scratch it to pieces in reaction to the fireworks. I park my car in the garage, so this is the main door I use coming and going from my home. Once I found these two toned doors on Pinterest I knew this was the route I wanted to go. Something fun that said welcome home every time I used it. 

The door is located at the end of a dark hallway so I wanted to keep half of it white to avoid making the space darker. After removal of the hardware, I repaired the dog damage with a patch and paint spackling paste. Once that was dry, I started painting the top half Olympic Base White. After the two coats had dried, I created the angle I wanted with painters tape. 

This next step is crucial if you want a perfect, straight line, without bleeding. I painted over the painters tape with white. The white paint will seep into the areas where the tape is not secure. 

For the second color, I decided on Olympic Volcanic Ash. (This is the same color I have on the lower cabinets in my kitchen.) After the second coat I removed the tape to a flawless straight line.

I found some vinyl decals I liked at Vinyl Concepts on Etsy. 




I loved the way it turned out and I love being welcomed home by my house! Have you painted any doors lately? Its such a fast, easy way to make a statement. Have a great day! 


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