Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Outside Spring Time Spruce Up

Our new convection range was scheduled to be delivered last Saturday. I received a delivery ETA of 3:30AM-5:30PM. Yep, you read that correct. A 14 hour window! After I was done laughing I decided to take full advantage of being held captive at my home and I made plans for some spring planting to take place. Things had been looking pretty sad around here. After some new flowers, shrubs and mulch, I would say its looking much better!

I also purchased a decorative trellis to go on either side of our house. I wanted to balance out the flower bed by the front door. It always looks so empty until the lantana fills out every spring. 

We replaced the lights on our home last year and I have yet to share them. These have replaced the old white ones we used to have flanking the garage. 

And in case you forgot what the old ones looked like. 

The one by the front door was replaced as well. We went from this builder grade light...

To this...much better!

I made this H door hanger out of old wood, ribbon and a collection of buttons.  

One last comparison for fun! What our house looked like when we purchased it..

What it looks like now...

Have a wonderful day!


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