Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Its that time again. I wanted to share my scores with you! First up is this large San Diego map. I scored it for $3.00. I gave the frame a fresh coat of teal spray paint. You will get to see it again when I post my finished dining room pictures. I love San Diego! We have family who live in SD and have spent many weekends there.

Next, I found this huge basket. It has a home by the fire place. I think I'm going to use it to house some extra pillows and throws that are not in use. 

I found two pillow covers for .25 a piece. I loved the colors in this quilted pillow cover. My dogs loved it much that they decided to take it outside and play tug of war with it. It was fun to own for a day! 

The second one is this hand stitched cover.  I thought it was too quirky to pass up. I sometimes like weird, ugly things, what can I say. 

I also purchased this brass candle holder, heart bottle and music box lantern.

And lastly, I found this awesome ink drawing of a bear. I didn't waste any time getting it into a new frame and hanging it in my living room. 

Those are my finds. Have you found some cool stuff lately? I wish we had better thrift stores in my area. There isn't a whole lot to chose from. It's kind of hit and miss so when I actually find something, I get so excited! Have a great end to your week.


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