Friday, September 26, 2014

The counter pops

We said goodbye to our old, cracked, laminate counter tops this week. Lets take a look at what they used to look like, but don't stair too long, they will burn your eyes. 

We decided to remove them ourselves to save the $200.00 they were going to charge us. We removed them the night before so we wouldn't have to go without counter tops for very long. It was easy. Once we scored the caulking they lifted right up. We were able to pull out the bolts and drag them outside. 

The next morning the truck arrived with our new kitchen addition on the back. 

The Installer laid down some particle boards to accommodate the seam and give the counter top a lift.

Next, he put the sink in position to be raised up. 

Then he brought the counter top in, piece by piece making minor cutting adjustments where needed. 

Here is the seam before he worked his magic on it. 

He added adhesive and broke for lunch while he waited for it to cure. 

After he sanded and polished the seam, it disappeared right before my eyes. 

He drilled out a hole for our faucet.

The sink was raised and set into place. 

They are glorious! I wasn't sure what the final product would feel like since my sample was a 2"x2" square but they feel solid and heavy like stone. They are matte but still shine. I love how I can easily see any dirt that needs to be cleaned up, because lets face it, having a counter top that disguises dirt is not a counter top I want to be preparing food on. They might be a little more work but I will know they are clean. That speaks volumes to the "clean freak" in me. 

My awesome husband installed the garbage disposal and new faucet.

I am loving the undermounted sink. Its so easy to wipe dirt and crumbs right into it. 

Next on the list:
  • Build shelves to even out the cabinets and backsplash. 
  • Clean, sand, prime, paint the cabinets.
  • Add quarter round moulding to finish the floors and base cabinets. 
  • Install new hardware.
  • Install the range microwave.
  • Install the backsplash.
  • Decorate walls, shelves ect.
  • Give you some REAL photos that does not involve my camera phone. 
Hope you have a great weekend!


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