Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New color palette

Hi guys! As you know we have been drowning in house projects. First we scrapped our popcorn ceiling. (If you missed it, you can read about it HERE and HERE.) Next, we ripped out all our carpet and linoleum. We hired someone to refinish/paint our ceilings and now we have just finished painting our walls. I wanted to share our new paint colors!

Our living room and hallway went from Glidden Burmese Beige...

to a custom mixed grey color that's between Valspar Urban Sunrise and Hazy Stratus. 

The kitchen and dinning room used to be Glidden Cranberry Zing...

and now it is Valspar Ice Rink Blue.

The office was Glidden Pumpkin Patch...

 and now it's Valspar Sprinkle.
The bathroom used to be Behr Scotland Isle

and now it is Valspar Pelican.

Our bedroom used to be Glidden Burmese Beige...

and now it's Behr Ultra Pure White.

Our master bathroom and guest room are staying the current colors. So that is the new color palette. Lighter and brighter but still goes well with our decor. We have ordered our flooring and are waiting for it to be delivered. As soon as our flooring has been laid we can start putting rooms back together and I pinky swear promise to share lots of pics! 

Have a great day!

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