Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kitchen talk

I am sharing my kitchen today. Be warned- it is hard on the eyes and needs allot of work. The only reason I am sharing it, is because I wanted to share my kitchen upgrade plans with you. Yep, you read that right! Kitchen upgrade plans are in the works! So here she is, in her 1988 glory. This picture was when we bought the house.

After we moved in, I painted the kitchen and dining room red. So this is what we have been living with for the past three years. It has been more of a distraction than an improvement. The yellow oak cabinets, cracked laminate counter tops and old appliances still scream at you. But I am grateful for this little space. And to show my gratitude I'm going to make her pretty. 

I have plans to refinish the cabinets. I have always loved the "tuxedo" kitchen look, so the upper cabinets are getting a fresh coat of bright white and the lowers will get a rich grey slapped on them. I also have my eye on the Restoration Hardware Duluth pull in a Satin Nickel finish for the drawers and some kind of glass knob for the doors. Something like this. 

We will be purchasing a range hood/microwave to make more room on the counter. This nasty cream laminate counter top has to go. It has held its own, considering its age but it does have a crack in one spot. 

When we get new counter tops installed, I am going to have them cut without the breakfast bar. We never use it. It is in the way of traffic to the sliding door, so it will be nice to have the counter top stop with the cabinet. I also plan to add some bead board or wood planks to the back of this cabinet. Goodbye wooden shelf brackets, you will not be missed! 

When we removed the cabinets that where over the breakfast bar, we were left with this off centered space. We will be adding some "built in" looking shelves to even the space out. 

I have been dreaming of white subway tile. Every kitchen has it, I know... But it looks so clean and polished. I am looking for something that will go with anything and still look great years to come. I will also be toning the paint color down to a soft, light teal/blue color. Good bye red! I love you but I am sick of looking at ya. 

This sink will be going bye-bye-bye. I would like a stainless steal undermount sink with this faucet or something like it. I would like to add a glass pendant light over the sink.

It wasn't enough for the florescent lighting to look ugly on its own, it had to have holes in the acrylic lighting panel. We have replaced it with LED track lighting from Home Depot. 

So that's my game plan. I'm sure it will have changes as I move forward with it. I will keep you posted on the progress. Have a wonderful day! 

Stay Humble

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  1. Such beautiful ideas, Amber! Can't wait to see the progress and finished product!!