Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Recipe box & thrift store scores

Hi guys! Are you sick of me changing my blog header and background design yet? I'm SICK of it but I cant make up my mind. 

I was able to brave the 500 degree weather and swing by my favorite thrift store yesterday. As organized as I am, I am ashamed to admit that my recipe storage consisted of a wooden box with folded papers crammed inside. No alphabetizing or order to it what-so-ever! Its probably because I don't like to cook, so its not my first priority but the disorder was making the task even more unbearable for me. Then I found this address card box.

I thought it might help me keep my sanity in the kitchen but it was hard on the eyes.

So in flew DUCK Fabric to save the day. This stuff is pretty cool! I picked mine up at Walmart by the decorative duct tape. It was an easy project I could do INSIDE my air conditioned home. If it cant be done inside, its not getting done until summer is over. 

Its easy to use. Peel away the back liner and apply evenly. I used an exacto knife to cut around the label plate. That was more difficult as it doesn't cut clean and leaves strings, but I managed. 

I would like to eventually get everything sorted by lunch, dinner, breakfast, Drinks and written on new recipe cards so the names are easier to see but its a huge improvement.

I found a few other items at the thrift store. Like this copper foil art of a mountain lion. I will probably refinish or paint the wooden background. 

Then there is this milk glass bowel I had to leave with. 

I also dug this painting. I think it will look awesome in a new frame. 

And last, I picked up two new bottles for my bottle collection. I love the yellow leaning one!

That's it for me. Have a wonderful day!!


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  1. There boxes look cool and I like the peel on cover concept.