Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Have a seat

Hi guys! Its July 1st and I realized that I haven't posted anything since April. Time flies when you are busy. I was also down and out with a head cold. No fun! But I will tell you what is fun...a bench up-cycle! This guy came home with me after I paid a whopping $5.00 to the thrift store.

Someone had stapled a towel over the seat cushion to cover this rip in the vinyl.

I removed the towel, vinyl and what felt like 10,000 staples. See all the staple holes? (Ignore the white chair cushion below it. That's another chair reupholster project I'm working on)

I recovered the seat cushion with this scallop fabric from Joann's I had laying around. You might recognize it from my logo photo. 

I gave the wood a nice sanding.

After I primed, painted and recovered the seat cushion with my fabric, I had this new addition to my office.

I built a large L shaped desk for my office. (Ill get a post written about that some day) On one side sits our desktop computer, where we use an office chair. The other side of the desk gets used for art/craft/projects. This bench is working out perfect for that spot! Its small enough to tuck under the desk and isn't fighting the chair for floor room. It makes me happy. Who knows, maybe I will become more productive because I will want to sit on it all the time...maybe not. 

Has anyone scored a $5.00 treasure lately? I want to hear about it. Have a wonderful day!


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