Friday, April 4, 2014

No Coats Allowed

My kitchen is small. The cabinets are small and it doesn't help that we knocked three cabinets out that were dividing the kitchen and the dinning room. But it is worth loosing the storage space because it feels so wonderfully open!

Most of my small kitchen appliances are too tall for my cabinets. I was stuffing them in the pantry but this made looking for food impossible. I had to find a solution. We have a coat closet right around the corner from the kitchen. Its actually on the other side of the kitchen wall. We live in Southern California so I knew we wouldn't miss this coat closet, being that we only wear a coat two months out of the year. After I moved the coats to our bedroom closet I was left with this worn out space in need of paint.

I taped my stripes and applied Valspar Hazy Stratus and Glidden Natural White. I tried to add a fun stencil but it was coming out blotchy, so I painted over it.
 I reused the top shelf and purchased two pieces of MDF for the bottom shelves. I measured my tallest appliance and that gave me the correct spacing I needed. 

I added molding across the front to give it a built in look. Filled the gaps with chalking and painted the shelves white. 
Everything fits perfect! Its easy to locate and pull out the item I need. Its a much smarter use of the space for our home. 
Have you guys built any shelves lately?  What about changing a space to accommodate something it wasn't intended for? I say, do whatever helps make your life easier! Have a wonderful weekend!
Stay Humble

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