Friday, April 25, 2014

Guest/ Nieces Room

So sorry, I've been having more computer issues but I think I have them fixed now. I know, I said that last time!

I have been waiting to post more rooms for my house tour because I have not finished them. But then I got real and asked myself "self, will they ever really be finished?" and the answer is no way! Even if by some miracle I finish each room to my satisfaction I will most likely grow tired of it and change it again. So I give you my guest/nieces room, raw and uncut. 

This room got a coat of Glidden Pebble Grey along with a faux painted headboard out of Glidden Rich Navy. Bedding from West Elm and thrift store finds make this room feel eclectic, woodland and soft all rolled into one. 

I have been on the look out for a ruffled table cloth. Kind of like this or this. So far they don't exist. I might have to make one. Its time to make-up with my sewing machine. I spray painted this lamp navy and the thrift store Frame white. The "B" art is something my nieces dad made her. The little log cabin stores her bracelets. 

I love the texture of this pillow. My sister in law gave it to me forever ago. She doesn't remember where she got it or that she gave it to me! Haha, I said it was a long time ago.

Look at all the dirt on those walls. Ewww

Much better! This frame wall is full of thrift store finds and DIY art. The only thing that is not, is the deer hook that is from Marshalls. If you want more details on this gallery wall you can find it HERE

Read about this DIY jewelry holder HERE

I found this desk at a thrift store. I think I paid $40.00 for it. I had plans to paint it a fun yellow or white but my niece asked me not to. I guess she likes it as it is. I still might have to get my brush on it one day. The stool is a Ross find. 

I also had plans to paint the frames on this wall. Maybe one day Ill get to that. But then again the eclectic feel of them is growing on me. Everything you see in this space is from a thrift store except the polka dot cork board, that was from Target and the clear plastic "B" was a gift for my niece from my in-laws. 

Here are a few close ups.

This room is my favorite! Light flows in here all day making the room feel so soft and lovely. 

Read about this DIY art HERE. The owl is from Ross and the antique bottles were my Grandmothers. 

I inherited this side table (I spray painted navy) and Ikea chair from a previous roommate. Phew, so glad those days are behind us. Haha! I guess having roommates isn't that bad, but there is something about NOT sharing your home that is priceless! 

This pillow is from Target. When I bought it, it was on clearance online but I saw them back in the store the other day. 

Thrift store lamp with a new shade from Target. 

How cute is this box!! My good friend gave me her Grandmothers sewing box. It was a faded off-white color so I gave it new life with this blue. I never knew her Grandmother but it is filled with her sewing items and is a gift I will always cherish. 

The Pie Safe our relative made. More details about it HERE

Here is a map of the room in case you are all turned around. In case of an emergency, please exit to your left. Got anything fun planned this weekend? We will be going to the San Diego Mission Art Walk this weekend. I'm so excited about it. Ive been trying to get there for two years now. I hope to find some awesome art to take home with me. Have a fun art packed weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. this room came out AWESOME! You're super talented with a great eye for design, I love the colors & I love that gallery wall!