Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Growing Garden Window

My computer came down with something last week and I think it gave it to me. But my sickness included itchy red hives all over my body. Not fun! That doesn't make for very good blogging. Being groggy on meds probably doesn't either but I wanted to share this small project I knocked out before we got sick. 

This is the garden window in my kitchen. It was a big empty space that was only good for letting light in. I finally stopped procrastinating and had some glass cut for a shelf. I think three and a half years was long enough, don't you?

I have a bottle collection I started after I inherited some of my grandmothers bottles. I tried displaying all of them but thought it looked busy. They were also really heavy and I was worried the glass would give. So I settled with these few.

My awesome husband surprised me with this tree monogrammed vase from Etsy a few years ago. I'm still in love with it!

If you are wondering whats in the shot glass, I heard that scallions will regrow if you stick them in water after they have been used. That is a fact. They are growing super fast. I haven't had to go to the store to buy more! Yay

I stacked some cook books and placed my hippo planter on top. They are much easier to get to than the cabinet above the refrigerator.

I like to take my rings off when I clean or do dishes. My mother told me a story that I will never forget. She set her wedding rings on the window seal and they went down the drain! My paranoia made me add this glass box so that NEVER happens to me. So scary! I DIYed this clay pot with paint, decorative paper, Mod Podge and twine.

I have my "Ma & Pa" out-house salt and pepper shakers on display. I just have a thing for small wooded items. They make me smile.

Here is a close up of my glass window hanger. My Aunt gave it to me and I want to say it was from our Hungary trip. My memory is failing me on these meds.

Here is one more after shot. It's so much more cheerful in my kitchen with this complete! Its the small things that make a room some times.

Stay Humble

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