Friday, April 18, 2014

DIY Jewelry Holder

As I wait for my nieces summer vacation visit, I thought I would stay busy and focus on making her room more enjoyable for her stay. She has a cute jewelry box, but her necklaces are always getting tangled. I decided to make a necklace holder for her. I wanted to DIY it and use what I had around the house.

I found some scrap molding I used to frame out my bathroom mirror. I only had a few hooks on hand. Not enough for this project so I kept looking. Then I found these wooden pieces I used for my door wreath project. Perfect!

I used wood glue to attach the wood pieces and sprayed the whole thing white. I also sprayed the screws so they would blend better. Then I got my favorite gold Sharpie paint pen out and went to town. I wanted a geometric design. It started out as some kind of cool arrow design but then evolved into feathers/leaves in the end. Not what I tried for but it fits the woodland theme.

It gets the job done!

So that's the latest addition in that room. I'm sure she will love the easy access and it evens out the purse hanging on the deer hook.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Stay Humble

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