Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Changes in the Loo

My guest bathroom has looked like this for almost four years now. I still like it, I'm just a little tired of looking at it. I wanted to redecorate/refresh it with out painting again.

(Please forgive the florescent light I had to shoot in. It was very cloudy that day.) I found this fun shower curtain HERE and feel in love with it! I was very impressed with the quality. It looks even better in person than on the website. 

I found these towels at Walmart of all places. I'm not sure if I am going to continue to use them in here. I would rather have some grey and white striped bath towels like these from West Elm.

Next, I needed some new art. I immediately thought of a image my friend Melanie took years ago. I've always loved it, so I had it blown up on a canvas. (Speaking of my talented friend Melanie Moore, she sells some unique vintage finds HERE and you can see her art and photography HERE.)

I found this Prague skyline art on Etsy. Prague is my favorite place to vacation in Europe. I found the cork frame on clearance at Target.

I did this ink drawing on wood and my father made me this wooden star that I stained and painted.

Here it is all together.

I added this thrift store bowel to hold the matches I got from the S.D Mission Art Walk. 

I like that it was a cheap, easy update that made the room look completely different. I feel like it goes with the rest of my house better and I love that its full of meaningful pieces.

Before I go. Look at the beautiful souvenir my awesome friend brought me back from Venice (Murano Island- known for its glass making) Italy. Isn't it amazing!! I love it so much! 

It already has a home in my kitchen window, where it catches the light.

Have you done any small, quick updates to refresh a space. Sometimes it doesn't take much. Sometimes all you need is change. Happy Wednesday!

Stay Humble

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