Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chalkboard Signs

We had a client special order five large chalkboard signs. They needed four 25"x8" and one 40"x8. I drew up two different shapes and sent them to them for review. This is the shape they liked.

We had some pine boards cut to size at Home Depot, traced the template onto them and cut the shape out with the band saw. We filled the knots and dents with wood filler and sanded them flat once they were dry.

I have stained bare wood with success in the past but I was curious to see if a wood conditioner would make a difference. I have heard it prevents blotches so I purchased Minwax Pre-Stain to see if it was worth the extra step.

I applied it with a brush and allowed it to penetrate for 10 minutes. (The directions suggest 5-15 minutes) If there is any excess you are directed to remove it with a dry cloth, but it had soaked in really well.

Next, I applied Minwax Wood Finish stain in Jacobean. I also applied the stain to the concrete floor as the can flipped over and spilled all over the place! Fun times!!

I almost had to buy a second can of stain as I was running out but I was able to salvage some from the concrete spill. I applied two coats of stain. This picture was taken after one coat, and the one below that, is after the second coat.

I taped off the area that wasn't supposed to get paint. I applied three coats of magnetic spray paint and two coats of Valspar chalkboard paint.

They came out beautiful! My client is very happy with them and has promised to send us pictures of them hanging in the gazebo. I thought the wood conditioner was worth the extra step! It gave the wood a softer, richer look. It was also my first time using magnetic paint and I have to say, I think its a waste. Once the chalkboard paint was painted over it, it was not magnetic. Maybe it works better after 50 coats are applied but who wants to do that? Not me. We will not be offering these chalkboard signs in our Etsy shop but that doesn't mean you cant still special order one. Have a good day!

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  1. Those came out great! I've always debated whether or not wood stain conditioner was worth it.... I feel like I should start using it though, to avoid blothchiness sometimes...

    These chalkboards came out really really good!