Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday

Who out there loves thrift shopping? It's not for everyone. Some people cringe at the idea. I get it, I do. The stores are usually smelly and full of other peoples used, dirty, unwanted junk. But in all that grossness there are treasures to be found. You just have to open your eyes and not set any limit to the possibilities.

Ive been thrifting for years. They were my favorite place to shop in my teens. You were guaranteed to find a flannel for your grunge look or a pair of "old man" plaid Punk Rock pants there. You could pay $3.00 and stuff a grocery bag full of stuff. My cousin and I wouldn't mess around with that deal. We came prepared with rubber bands to roll the clothes up and make them as small as possible. We had to get our moneys worth. Haha! Here are some treasures I found.

This mid century side table had great hardware. All it needs is to be painted a fun bright color. $25.00

They had mountains of vinyl records. For 50 cents you can't go wrong. I came home with a few myself.

I have a thing for homemade pottery. I don't know why, most of it is lop sided and ugly. But there is something about all the work that someone put into making it, along with their name that is etched on the bottom. Here are two pieces I found.

This shallow bowl with a lid would be perfect for dropping off your keys at the entryway. $2.00

Then you have this blue mountain/volcano perfect for holding flowers or pens. It became mine for 50 cents.

How cute would this basket look in the bathroom with three glass jars holding your q-tips, cotton balls and soap? You could paint it what ever color you wanted to coordinate.

I wish I had room for this guy. He could make an awesome bar cart. Add some wheels and paint him a bright fun color. I love the detail on the sides.

You could own this original print called "music mystery" for $2.00.

 Or this b&w image could hang on your wall for $2.00 and remind you to keep recycling. I really liked this one! Hahaha

 Maybe a photo of the Grand Canyon is more your style. $2.00

 And you know I couldn't leave the store with out these two barbarian women ridding horseback. $2.00 Hahaha! Okay, I left this for someone else to have the pleasure of owning.

All of these items can be found at the Sacks Thrift Avenue thrift store in Hemet.
I hope you have a wonderful treasure filled Tuesday!

Stay Humble

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