Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Flooring Choices

How is your week going? I have been up to my ears in samples and paint. There are lots of decisions to be made around here now that its tax season. A DIYers favorite time of year! We have lived with some horrible carpet the last three years. Light beige carpet and two big dogs do not mix at all! So the time has come (sound the trumpet's) that we are getting new flooring! Just saying that gives me a big cheesy smile! Its hard to believe that in just a few days I will get the pleasure of cutting into it with a utility knife and ripping it up. I have seriously dreamed of this day. Each time I vacuum it, I think "please let this be the last time."

So we have a few big things to consider. 1.) Our open floor plan. Our kitchen, dinning room and living room flow into one another so we wanted the flooring to be continuous. 2.) I love the look of wood but I do not love the price nor the fact that you take a big risk laying it in a kitchen. I've known some people (including myself- in our previous house) that had to rip out wood due to water damage. 3.) We have two long haired big dogs.

So real wood is out for these reasons: It is realistically not in our budget. I don't think it will stand up to our dogs and we don't want to risk it being ruined in the kitchen. This leads us to the next option, laminate.

We have lived with laminate before. Pros: It was easy to clean and held up to the dogs. Cons: It is not water resistant. It was cold, hard and loud. I could hear my dog walking around the house 24/7 from any room. That gets old when you are trying to sleep and you have a restless dog. This leads us to our next option, vinyl planks.

At first I thought the idea was crazy. After allot of research I found that they have improved tremendously over the years. I didn't realize how durable they are along with being water resistant. My friend installed and lived with them for a few years and said she would install them again in a heart beat. They held up to her kids and pets. They are softer and not as loud as laminate. Easy to install. Easy to clean. I really couldn't find anything wrong with them.

We are loving the two end samples on the left. The top is Dark Walnut and the one below is American Walnut. We are going to start tearing the carpet out this weekend. It will be a big job to do our whole house but we are up for the task. We plan on stretching it out over a few weekends so it doesn't get overwhelming. I am so excited that I don't even care we have to live on concrete for a while. Which finish do you like best? Do you have any thoughts on vinyl planks? Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi Amber!! We are putting up with our carpet, too. Mainly because of the cost of putting in new flooring, but also because it was brand new when we moved in so we kind of want to run out its life expectancy.

    Do you think the selection in floor type you've made goes with marble flooring? We have dark green marble as a pathway from our front door into the kitchen, and the kitchen itself has it (as well as some bathrooms). I'd really like to keep it but eventually tear up the carpet and put in wood-like flooring. Do you think the 2 combined would look tacky?

    1. Hi other Amber!! Wow! Green marble. I think it would work as long as you choose a color that wasn't too busy looking. An example would be the one on the bottom row, second from last. It has allot of lines. I would stick to the finishes that have less of a contrast. This way it's not competing with the veins in your marble. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Perfect!! That helps a lot. :) I've been getting everyone's opinion and I agree with you. Looking forward to seeing the finished work on your floor!