Friday, January 24, 2014

Make the Art you want

Have you ever been on a art search for a special piece, to go in a particular spot in your home only to never find it? I have. There have been times that I searched for months. I got sick of looking and decided to take matters into my own hands. Literally!

There are five rooms in my house that I have made art for. I am hear to tell you that you don't need to be an artist to do it. If you have something in mind or see something that inspires you- make it! If you flunked art class then make something abstract. It will look like you did it all on purpose. Haha! There are no rules to creating art. That's what makes it so wonderful!

I made this for my guest/nieces bedroom. If you know how to use scissors then you can make this. I cut the pieces out of printed scrap book paper and Mod Podged it onto a canvas that I had painted white. It was that simple.

These guys live in my dinning room. One is a black and white painting on canvas of some shapes and the other is string art. (I was inspired by Jesse at Nine Red. He makes the most amazing string art. His Etsy shop is worth looking at!)

This is my version of  Natasha Wescoat- June Tree. I loved this tapestry but didn't have $209.99 for it. So I tried to recreate it with the colors I have in my bedroom. It doesn't even come close to her amazing skill but it works for the room.

This fish art is in my office. I painted it when I found the wooden fish (in yesterdays post) at a thrift store. I used it to make the stencil and then painted away.

Last is the large painting I did in my living room. It is a large wall that needed something big. I found a large printed canvas at Ross on clearance. It wasn't a print I liked but the size was amazing for the price. So I took it home and primed over the print to create a blank canvas. I have allot of black, white and greys in this room so I wanted to bring in color. I made this stencil (which you have already seen on the side table I'm selling.) I added some rainbow stripes and called it a day. (Sorry for the horrible photo. I was in a hurry and had to use one from my phone.)
Maybe this weekend you can make some art for your house? I would love to see it! Even if you are not an artist it will be a special piece that no body else has in the world. That alone makes it a priceless treasure. Have a art filled weekend!
Stay Humble


  1. Oh wow! You're art is awesome! Thanks for the string art shout out, haha :D I love the black & white one! The flower you did for your niece is awesome too, I've been meaning to do something similar for a long time. Still haven't!

    1. Thank you and you're welcome! Have a great weekend Jesse!