Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lightning Picture Frames

It's almost Friday! Just a little while longer and it will be the weekend. What do you guys have planed? My weekend will be busy with a trip to Lowe's for the supplies I need to build a closet desk for a client. You can count on me posting about that project! I will also be making an Ikea run. I really wish we had one closer than San Diego. And then there is Super Bowel Sunday. I cant promise that I will watch the game but I will definitely be in front of the TV stuffing my face and chatting. Not at the same time of course.

I have finished three more frames and wanted to share them. This is the "Lightning" style frame, which is the most complicated frame to make out of the four styles. Hence the higher price.

The 4x6

The 5x7

The 8x10

I went a little moodier with the colors than the first set. I also went with the gold stripes sense gold is making a huge comeback lately. You can find all three in my Etsy Shop.  So what do you guys think? Any special colors or designs you would like to see? Enjoy your day!

Stay Humble

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