Thursday, January 16, 2014

Light my fire, or just my book

I have been needing a lamp for the corner of my living room so I ran to my favorite thrift store. I had two options. A brass swivel floor lamp (boring) or this ugly guy. The other one wasn't bad but a little too traditional for my taste. So the ugly option came home with me for $5.00. It reminded me of one my sister in law purchased at Home Depot for her craft room. I love her lamp!

Spray paint can do such amazing things! I sprayed it black and purchased a new lamp shade to complete it. I'm in love with it now! If only I was a book worm and could curl up and read in this sport. Maybe one day I will be able to sit still long enough to finish a whole book. Have you guys come across any ugly thrift store lamps turned beautiful? Sometimes they can surprise you.

Stay Humble

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