Thursday, January 23, 2014

Knock Knock a new door

A newly painted door is a great way to update your home. It makes such a statement and its cheep and easy to do. Every time I walked through this door it made me want to fall asleep. So boring! It wasn't doing anything for our house either.

It was difficult to pick the color. My house is light yellow with white trim. What goes with yellow? I didn't want the same red door you see all over the place.(Don't get me wrong, I still love a red door!) I thought about different blues but I just wasn't feeling them. Everything I thought of just seemed so blah. Then I thought about how we would like to paint the house in the future. What direction we would like to go with it. That lead me to black. Yes, I said black. I thought it would be the perfect contrast this house needed to make more of a statement. Lets face it, pale yellow doesn't scream "look at me" so black came to the rescue!

It took me one day to put two coats of oil based primer and three coats of black paint on the door. (I wanted to make sure it was ready for high traffic) I applied most of it with a small foam roller and used a paint brush for the groves and around the window. Using the foam roller is very important if you want to avoid brush strokes which lead to an ugly door.

Much better! I tied in more black with a bench to hold the plants I haven't killed yet. A black wind chime, a black and white monogram H flag and some black and white house numbers I made. (Sorry, you don't get to see those)

 I also made this door wreath to spice it up a little.

So there she is. Its a nice balance for me and the house. Me being more eclectic and the house being on the traditional side. The next thing on the list is to replace the lights (1 by the door & the 2 on the garage)

 Are you guys trying to find the courage to paint your door a fun color? I say go for it! Its just paint. It can always be repainted if you hate it. Have a great day!

Stay Humble


  1. Great job, Amber!! I've been following you just this past week, and love what you do! Your work looks so professional and you've inspired me to paint my cruddy front door that I've been wanting to do for several years!

    1. Thank you! I cant wait to see it when you are done. Make sure to post a picture to my Facebook page!