Monday, January 20, 2014

Kitchen Transformation

My mother in law hired me to give her 80's oak kitchen an update. So when she purchased Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation in Cocoa (FYI-there is 70 colors to chose from) I went to work. This was my first time using this product. It felt weird to not have to strip, sand or prime but that is what makes this product so appealing. It was a 4 step treatment, which sounds easy enough but after a large kitchen and three bathrooms it felt more like a 40 step treatment.

The bond coat and glaze were very smooth and easy to control. I wish I could say the same for the protective top coat. It was horrible! It would dry too fast leaving white bubbles and brush marks. I ended up switching to Miniwax Polycrylic to finish the job. She has lived in the finished kitchen for over a year now and it's still going strong! Her only complaint is that it doesn't cover all the blemishes that sanding would have fixed. So if you are considering using this treatment I would let the condition of your cabinets be the deciding factor.

(Sorry, I do not have any "Before" pictures. Just close your eyes and picture 80's yellow oak. If you still can't picture it then drop by my house because we have plenty of it living here! Haha)

Check back tomorrow. I will have a bathroom transformation using this same product and it has "before & after" photos for you. Does anyone have a kitchen transformation in the works? I know I do! My 80's kitchen has been screaming at me for three long years to be updated. I have a really good idea of the direction I am going to go in. Hopefully I will get on that soon!
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  1. Beautiful Amber!!! What are your ideas for your kitchen???

    1. 1st we need a new countertop badly! Ours is cracked and split in places. 2nd I plan on painting my cabinets and adding hardware. I am in love with tuxedo cabinets, so the top ones will be white and the bottom ones will be grey. We are building a shelf for cook books and wine in place of a cabinet we already took down. I plan on painting a faux tile backsplash until we are able to save up for some nice real tile. The room is also getting a new paint job from red to a light blue. I want to lighten the space up. The plant window will be receiving a glass shelf and I want to display my bottle collection here. I can't wait until we start this project! I have been dreaming of it for three years now.