Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I heart a good frame gallery wall

I wanted to talk about frame gallery's today. I'm a little obsessed with them. There is something about having a ton of awesome prints/paintings/art work/photos in one place. They are great on their own but together they become one wall of awesomeness!
This is the gallery in my guest room/nieces room. This was the perfect solution for this big wall, being it is the pathway to the bed. I couldn't place a piece of furniture here to ground a big picture so a gallery wall it was.
1,3,4,7,8,9,11- Are all pieces I found at thrift stores. I painted the frames to tie them together.
2- I drew this deer silhouette and placed it on scrapbook paper. The frame I painted and is a thrift store find.
5- A map of Sequoia National Park I picked up during a family vacation. I mod podged it to a piece of wood I had on hand.
6 & 10- Ikea mirrors that I painted white. (Given to me by a friend)
12- This deer head hook is from Marshall's.

I painted this white tree in my living room/entry way and filled it with black and white family photos. (Yes, I know, my dogs are in half the pictures. We are those kind of crazy dog owners) 
Just to give you an idea of how large it is, I had Koda sit by it for you. It's around 8 feet high.
Next up is the hallway. You probably already saw this furniture redo HERE. This little nook in my hallway is a weird one. It's an awkward size and doesn't get allot of light. I also have a off centered light switch to make matters worse so I decided to off set it with a gallery. This is what it looks like for now. I do have some art I'm planing on swapping out and a few frames I want to paint.

1- My 5 year old nephew's water color painting in a thrift store frame.
2- My (first car) 1974 VW Bug hubcap. This was one of the hubcaps on my VW when I purchased it. I later restored the car and bought new hubcaps. Just  a FYI in case you were thinking there is a little Bug driving around with only three hubcaps.
3- A family portrait my 9 year old niece drew me.
4- Thrift store art.
5- A large arrow my father made out of a mop handle. (He has too much time on his hands. Hahaha)
6- A photo my photographer grandfather took of my mother when she was 25.
7- Another photo he took of my parents wedding.  

1- Photo of my parents at Prom.
2- Water color/ink flower I drew on a book page.
3- Photo of my mother at Knotts Berry Farm on her honeymoon.
4- Pencil drawing of a lion I picked up at the thrift store.
5- Water color/ink arrows I drew on a book page.
6- A shadow box from the thrift store with my mothers wedding dress jacket, garter belt and photo inside.
7- Monogram H in a special font I down loaded. Thrift store painted frame.
8- Bee art I found on the Internet.
9- Photo of my parents.
10- Photo my grandfather took of my grandmother on a lake. (that orange picture mat is going bye bye soon)
11- Wrapping paper from a gift my husband gave me for our 5 year Wedding Anniversary. Love that man!
12- My parents at another school dance.
13- Some easy art I made HERE.

And last but not least; my office gallery.  
1,2,3,5,6,8,11,12- You guessed it! All from the thrift store! TS= thrift store.
4- Wood carving of a star from the TS.
7- The date of our wedding.
9- Free art I found online. I added the hearts for Amber & Patrick. It's applied to wood by mod podge.
10- Art I found online. Frame is from Walmart.
13- My dad made me these wooden hearts. He is so great!
14- Frame from the TS with art I cut out of a calender.  

Underneath it I added a little bench a relative made for a little reading nook.

And that's it! End of tour. Do you guys have any great frame gallery walls? I would have one on every wall if I don't control myself. Or maybe you are not a fan of them. Allot of people think they look too busy. What ever floats your boat as long as you fill your house with the things you love.
Stay Humble


  1. I love the picture of your grandma on the lake! YES! I have a wall gallery. Come and see it! I really like it. Maybe you would have ideas for my house so mine can be cool like yours! love you girlie. you are sooooo talented and here I thought you were just an amazing fitness instructor!

    1. Thanks Moira! Im looking forward to this years D.C with you!