Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bathroom Transformation

After I finished the kitchen (from yesterdays post) we had plenty Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation product left. Waste not, want not. So my sister in law and I put it to good use in our bathrooms.

Goodbye yellow 80's oak! You will not be missed.

Hello Cocoa!
I decided to frame the mirror with some moulding and use the same treatment as the vanity to tie it together. A much needed improvement until we can save our pennies for our dream bathroom. But I have to be honest, when I think about what the loo is used for, that doesn't send it rushing to the top of the to do list. 

I added some hardware to finish it off. Maybe it will distract you from the horrible linoleum floors and light fixture. Probably not, but I tried.

So that my friend, is my guest bathroom. It still needs new lighting and flooring but it works for now. Check out this cute LOO sign I found at a yard sale. It's hung outside the bathroom door so nobody gets lost.

Have you guys seen any great bathroom upgrades you are drooling over? I hope your Tuesday is going good!

Stay Humble


  1. Lookin' good!! I haven't used the cabinet transformations yet, but i'd love to try. That mirror is great!

  2. I love your bathroom...will have to ride my bike over and see it in person! as well as you and Patrick. Hey, maybe you should show me how it is done...my house needs a facelift.

    1. That would be great! Would love to show you.

  3. I had some questions on Facebook about how we added the mirror molding. 1.) Buy some flat molding in the style you like. 2.) We used our miter saw for the miter cuts but you can always cut it straight too. It looks good both ways. 3.) Paint. We bought the pre primed molding so we didn't have to worry about that step. Sense we used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations we had a clear protective coat we had to brush on. It is important to paint the backside of the molding! It shows slightly in the mirror. 4.) Apply the molding with a clear adhesive caulk. We found one specifically for glass at HD. 5.) Secure the molding in place with painters tap or it will slowly slide out of place. Let set for three days before you take the tape off. I would also avoid using the shower in that bathroom until it sets.